CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary!

It's official! CKEditor is 10 years old! Exactly a decade ago I endeavored on a JavaScript project for Internet Explorer 6 (WAT!) bearing my initials (I was young and crazy). The result was an Open Source WYSIWYG editor called FCKeditor, later CKEditor (find the easter egg on our home page!). Time sure flew by... Today we are celebrating the editor's 10th anniversary!

Presently CKEditor has over 9 million downloads and is used in countless applications and websites. The editor has come a long way, from being a one man project to having an international team of contributors around the world. We had good and bad days and faced numerous challenges, but our growing community always gave us inspiration to move forward. I would like to thank everyone involved for their dedication and hard work.

To celebrate this great success, CKSource will be sponsoring various activities over the next few weeks. Parties, donations, contests, free stuff, tree hugging, we'll have it all! Join in on the fun and celebrate CKEditor's 10 Year Anniversary with us. You all deserve it!

The last 10 years

10 years

CKEditor 10th Anniversary party in Warsaw!

In the spirit of Open Source, CKSource will sponsor an Open Party in downtown Warsaw. Free beer and a lot of fun included! Everybody is invited to attend. 

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Download CKEditor and plant a tree!

Every week over the course of our celebrations CKSource will donate to non-profit tree-planting organizations! The amount will depend on how many times CKEditor is downloaded. 

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Twitter contest!

The team has organized a hashtag Twitter contest, where anybody who retweets our anniversary message will have a chance to win one of many CKEditor Anniversary T-Shirts!

Multiple winners will be chosen so let your friends know about CKEditor's celebrations!

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10% of revenue donations

In addition to saving trees, CKSource will donate 10% of its online sales revenue to various charities. Donations will last all month, with a new charity being chosen each week. Do your part and help out a worthy cause!

More on this in the CKSource website...

EDIT: CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary Recap

The month-long festivities are over! We thank everyone for participating. Here' a summary of the CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary celebrations.

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