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Celebrating CKSource’s highlights. 2021 in a nutshell

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Globally, 2021 has been another difficult year, but it will also be remembered as the year of hope. At CKSource, the company standing behind CKEditors 4 and 5, we did everything to make it meaningful and as productive as possible. For us, 2021 was marked by rapid development, recovery from the hardship and rigors of 2020 as well as many joyful events and solid achievements. Let’s shed light on some of them.

# 1. 2021 at CKSource boiled down to its essence

In March 2021, CKEditor turned 18, as the first version of CKEditor was released in 2003 by Frederico Caldeira Knabben. As an “adult”, it turned out to be very mature but still, fresh enough to delight its users with numerous novel, cutting-edge features. They were able to grab the attention of many new clients - entities of various sizes, representing diverse industries. Also, seeing that CKSource, the company behind the two CKEditors, makes every effort to refine their products, the existing clients could rest assured knowing that the decisions they had made back then were the right ones.

On top of that, there were several occasions where both existing and new clients could meet CKSource team members in person. They participated in major software or SaaS events in the US and Europe and had some very interesting talks with people from industry-leading businesses interested in utilizing CKEditors.

And the team who cares about CKSource’s constant development is ever increasing. Many additions to the team have been made this year, and new employees could work fully remotely, in one of the company offices, or within the hybrid model.

# 2. Great new features enabled

The year 2021 was very intensive in terms of delivering new features and refining the existing ones. In total, 19 releases, embracing both CKEditor 4 and CKEditor 5, as well as CKFinder have been made within the last 12 months.

# Revision History

First of all, the long-awaited and highly-acclaimed feature - Revision History - officially went live in June 2021, providing a truly GDoc-like experience to millions of its users. Revision History has enjoyed great interest, and this major release has been a huge success.

This top-class versioning tool allows users to gain full control over the editing process and maintain the complete history of document revisions. In short, named versions of the content can now be created by bundling changes together in save cycles. And this allows for further opportunities and amenities to be added. For instance, the chronological version history of your content may be viewed in version preview mode. Selected versions can be compared at a glance and any changes between them can be traced immediately.

On top of that, an earlier version of your document may be restored to easily reverse any changes. Revision History lets content collaborators see exactly what modifications have been made within the process, when, and by whom. Interestingly, Revision History compliments the Track changes feature, adored by millions of CKEditor 5 users. What’s also worth mentioning is that the Revision History autosave feature was implemented in the next step.

# CKEditor 5 - further improvements

Other crucial new features regarding CKEditor 5 that debuted in 2021, or were enhanced within this period include:

  • the totally revamped image feature
  • supporting block and inline images
  • find and replace functionality for easy, fast, and efficient document searching
  • the HTML source editing feature, the ability to add HTML comments, and, in general, full support for all kinds of graphic content that can be formatted freely
  • a unique content minimap for smoothly navigating the document
  • drag and drop functionality, covering textual content, widgets, as well as HTML, and plain text dropping from outside the editor
  • introducing the possibility to create a custom editor build and later expand it with desired features without the need to recompile everything (the debut of DLL builds that can also be easily localized)

# CKEditor 4 and CKFinder

As for CKEditor 4, there were some major solutions introduced to enrich your WYSIWYG editing experience, too. They embraced improved image pasting, extended High Contrast support, a new color API, delayed editor initialization, important security fixes, deep integration of CKEditor 4 and React, as well as accessibility enhancements for mobile users that made CKEditor 4 even more flexible and available for all kinds of platforms.

On top of that, CKFinder’s 2021 releases covered adding support for PHP 8 and updating multiple third-party libraries, to name but a few releases meant to improve CKFinder’s stability and overall operations.

There were several major releases in 2021, and many more are planned for 2022, as new solutions are brought to you regularly to provide you with the most advanced and flexible content creation tool on the market CKEditor is.

# 3. New clients, exciting business endeavors

More and more customers appreciate the CKSource team’s constant efforts to stay ahead of the game. In 2021, there were dozens of new clients coming to us, including another four Fortune 500 enterprises.

Interestingly, in 2021, we’ve strengthened and enhanced the long-term cooperation with Drupal dating back to 2011, which has resulted in CKEditor’s use on hundreds of thousands of Drupal sites. In 2013, CKEditor 4 became the default rich text editor in Drupal 8 core, empowering content creators worldwide.

In addition to this, in December 2021, Drupal 9.3.0 was made available, featuring experimental support for CKEditor 5, and offering some content editor and developer improvements. On top of that, it was announced that CKEditor 5 is going to be “one of the key initiatives planned for the Drupal 10 release”.

# 4. Inspiring events, and knowledge-sharing opportunities

2021 was a significant year also because we managed to come back to participating in major industry events after the COVID-related break. And we are happy that we were able to meet our current partners and prospective clients again, and show them our reshaped and upgraded products, or just talk for a while and exchange experiences.

We could be reached in both the US and Europe. For instance, in the second half of 2021, we visited SaaStr Annual 2021, organized in the San Francisco Bay Area. This event, dubbed “The World’s #1 Cloud Gathering”, was the first in-person event we attended since the pandemic started.

The next one was Digitale Leute Summit 2021 held in Cologne, Germany. It was a one-of-a-kind event in this country with a strong focus on world-class software development and attendees coming from all over Europe.

In 2021, we also took the opportunity to share knowledge during online industry events or conferences for software developers (including Dev.js Summit 2021), and by publishing in the industry media some specialist articles written by our IT people.

# 5. New additions to the team, valued perks and benefits

In 2021, CKSource grew also in terms of team size. It reached 40 software developers (and now this number is 44), and as many as 70 employees, overall, who will lead the company into the very promising 2022. Recently, the onboarding process has been improved, and now it runs more smoothly than ever. Also, the Careers tab on the CKSource webpage has been made more user-friendly, and now candidates may find what they are looking for easier and faster, and see how much the company offers yet at a first glance.

Employees can enjoy many great perks and benefits, with some new ones added in 2021. For instance, all team members have got access to the Etutor language platform, and now they can master their English, Spanish and German languages skills faster and easier. They can choose from many classes, including business, logistics, or professional (industry) English and German.

On top of that, CKSource Sport Challenge was implemented - to enable employees to take care of their health together with the company. Another cool possibility that arose in 2021 is called CKSource Branded Sportswear. What this entails is that if an employee participates in some kind of sports competition, they can receive a CKSource branded T-shirt, adapted to the sport of their choice.

One of the occasions where this apparel could have been proved and tested was during our Late Summer Meetup 2021, full of fun and indoor and outdoor activities such as kayaking, aerial rope slide, giant foosball, mega Jenga, paintball, air-gun shooting, sculpting, and pottery workshops, to name but a few.

All in all, in 2021, we’ve managed to weather the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic and got back on track by implementing some flexible solutions. They included the remote or hybrid work model and organizing the company meet-up when the number of infections was very small as well as attending important industry events while following all safety rules and procedures.

We keep evolving and look into the year 2022 with self-confidence, gratitude, excitement, and hope.

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