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Promisan Case Study

The Challenge

Promisan needed a top notch and efficient web text editor to be embedded in their enterprise resource planning system Prosis. These are some of the key aspects they were looking for:

  • easy to use and attractive to users
  • customizable
  • easy to embed
  • compatible with ColdFusion and with modern web browsers

We wanted to provide our customers with an improved editing experience through a modern web text editor that would work out-of-the-box with the latest browsers. CKEditor was the best web text editor that we found. During the trial version, we had some technical questions that were communicated to CKEditor support team and they handled those proactively, which played an important role when making our decision.

Jorge Armin Mazariegos, co-founder and operations manager, Promisan

The Solution

CKEditor in Prosis

Promisan embedded and implemented CKEditor in approximately three weeks. Support from CKSource team was pivotal during the implementation.

CKEditor has been an ideal solution to provide a modern, easy to deploy, compatible, nice looking and easy to use text editor in our application, at an affordable price. The fact that it is possible to customize the look and feel of the text editor and the toolbar, makes CKEditor the best option.

Jorge Armin Mazariegos, co-founder and operations manager, Promisan

The Results

Promisan emphasized that the implementation effort was acceptable. Once implemented, the solution is very stable, even when implemented in different system architectures.

It is easy to embed in an existing system. The support is excellent and the editor has a friendly look and feel.

Jorge Armin Mazariegos, co-founder and operations manager, Promisan

Prosis’ new text editor is very powerful and fulfills my text editing needs which range from basic text editing to advanced HTML composition.

Prosis enterprise resource planning system user

Technical recap

  • Product: CKEditor Premium
  • Environment: Prosis ERP ‘s Text Editor and Word Processor
  • Environment languages: Adobe ColdFusion, HTML and JavaScript
  • Development time: 5 days

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