Meet HangHub, a new productivity tool for GitHub

HangHub a new teamwork productivity tool for Github

# Why HangHub?

With the arrival of CKEditor 5 and its collaboration features, we have shown our commitment to collaboration. We are still working on ways to make CKEditor 5 your ultimate collaboration framework and during this ongoing effort, we also learned a lot about collaboration itself.

During the annual CKEditor hackathon, our developers wanted to tackle the collaboration and communication troubles we have when using GitHub. Have you ever written a lengthy answer to a GitHub discussion only to discover that your teammate spent the last 30 minutes writing about the same? We most definitely have, and this is why HangHub was born.

Increase your productivity on GitHub. HangHub shows what other users are doing.
Increase your productivity on GitHub. HangHub shows what other users are doing.

# What is HangHub?

HangHub is a team productivity tool that lets you see other users who are working on the same GitHub issue or pull request as you. They can be commenting, editing, simply viewing or merging. After you and your teammates install HangHub, your team will never have to worry about wasting time working on the exact same thing at the same time.

HangHub is currently available to download as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. You can also build it (and enhance) by yourself. It is available for free, under a permissive MIT Open Source license.

# How HangHub works

To communicate with your collaborators, HangHub uses the WebSocket protocol. HangHub is based on Preact and VirtualDOM to make updates of the user state really fast and efficient. Thanks to this you can see exactly when the collaborators — other HangHub users — join in, leave, comment on, and edit a GitHub issue or merge a pull request.

Note that you can disable HangHub for any specific organization or repository.

Enabling HangHub and using it to collaborate with your teammates.
Enabling HangHub and using it to collaborate with your teammates.

# Get HangHub

Install HangHub now from Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons and share it with your teammates to make the GitHub management process in your organization more efficient!

We hope that HangHub will make your work with GitHub easier and are curious to hear your thoughts about our new tool. For any questions or feedback you might have, you can join the discussion on Product Hunt or contact us. You can also head straight to the GitHub repository to report issues and submit feature requests.

And don’t forget to star it on GitHub!

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