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CKEditor for SharePoint 1.3 Released!

We would like to announce the latest release of CKEditor for SharePoint, a unique solution that integrates the most popular online editor in the world into Microsoft SharePoint. CKEditor for SharePoint 1.3 is a maintenance release that brings our latest releases of CKEditor 3.6.2 and CKFinder 2.1 to the SharePoint environment as well as introduces a few new features.

CKEditor 3.6.2 and CKFinder 2.1 Available for SharePoint

CKEditor for SharePoint 1.3 contains the latest version of our flagship product, CKEditor 3.6.2. Apart from the bug fixes, this release brings a handful of new features to the editor, including some API additions along with several language pack updates and overall editor improvements.

CKFinder, the file manager that is integrated into CKEditor for SharePoint, is now updated to version 2.1. This version introduces multiple file uploads (currently supported in Internet Explorer only), some new configuration options as well as support for keyboard shortcuts that make working with the file browser quicker and more convenient for the end user.

CKEditor for SharePoint Specific Updates

Apart from the changes in the editor and the file manager, this release also introduces two new SharePoint-specific features. Starting from this version, the editor can also be used with the Publishing HTML Fields. Since both our products are available in multiple language versions, we also improved the multilingual support of CKEditor for SharePoint by adding compatibility with PointFire solutions.


Check the What's New? page for the full list of changes.


Ready to try the new editing experience in SharePoint? Visit the product website and download the free full-featured 30 days trial version, with an option to prolong the trial period to additional 60 days!


We will be grateful for all feedback regarding the latest release of CKEditor for SharePoint as well as any suggestions on how to further improve the product. Please use the contact form from our website to send your questions and comments.

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