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CKEditor Weekly for August 10, 2015

Besides fighting with the current heatwave in Warsaw with the use of our office-squeezed lemonade, we were able to do quite an amount of work during the past two weeks. Here is your CKEditor weekly update! Read on for more.

CKEditor in Review

CKEditor 4

The last week was a usual quiet, post-release time which we spent on maintance tasks, but we have seen some activity on the issue tracker as well.

Two bugs were fixed so far and one small feature was introduced:

  • Various issues with image selection and editing in Microsoft Edge were fixed.
  • A bug where editor.getSelectedHtml() would return incorrect HTML was fixed.
  • A new config.fileTools_defaultFileName option was introduced.

Other than that, we continued the work on Edge-related tickets as well as on a couple of improvements for pasting from Microsoft Word. We also implemented a new error logging system which is required to fix various issues with CKEditor API throwing uncatchable errors when used incorrectly.

CKEditor 5

Last couple of weeks were more quiet because of the holidays period and CKEditor 4.5.2 release. In the meantime we continued discussions around the data model and currently we are working on introducing first parts of it in the ckeditor5-core repository. Other than that, we did some maintenance work like updating dependencies and enabling ES6 in our tools. Next week we plan to bring Fred’s pull requests back to life by applying to them some of the decisions that we made during the recent discussions.

Other Projects

CKFinder 3

New view of CKFinder 'Choose Resized Image' dialog

We are still doing some minor changes in the latest version of our file manager. Last week we:

  • Continued to work on accessibility in CKFinder.
  • Implemented various fixes regarding focus management.
  • Changed the view of the Choose Resized Image dialog window.

Accessibility Checker

We are working hard to improve the performance of Quail - Accessibility Checker's engine.

For the time being we are done with jQuery reduction - we have created a document where we compare 3 different Quail builds to illustrate the benefits of the reduction. We were able to bring an amazing performance boost when working with larger content or using more tests and obtain a very small difference when small content was used (or very little Quail tests used).

Currently we are working on further performance improvements for Quail core and this week we were able to observe desired performance boost for evaluating small content, too. Current tests show that the checking time is dropping from 1.6 seconds down to 0.6 second.


  • New version was released this week with one small fix.
  • We also resumed work on a couple of improvements and we plan to release version 1.0.0 soon!

Around the Net

  • A new case study, which elaborates why CoreMedia chose CKEditor as its WYSIWYG text editor of choice, has been published on CKSource website.
  • Django admin CKEditor integration has been updated to 4.5.1
  • A Ruby plugin that allows you to easily drop CKEditor into ActiveAdmin has been released.
  • Here is a small modification for a better UX in CKEditor by Kray Mitchell.
  • New plugins were added to the CKEditor Add-ons Repository:
    • Image Uploader and Browser - This plugin allows you to upload images easily to your server and add automatically to CKEditor.
    • Box Shadow plugin - This plugin adds shadows to your content without editing the source code.
    • Bootstrap Alert plugin - This plugin adds bootstrap alert to your write-ups without editing the source code.
    • Markdown plugin - Enables the Markdown mode in CKEditor. Moreover, your article in WYSIWYG mode can be translated to Markdown.

That sums up the last week. If you would like to be featured in one of our CKEditor Weeklies, or have an interesting tidbit that relates to CKEditor, leave a comment below or contact us. 

Have a great week ahead!

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