guideWord Services On-Premises - overview

Word Services is a set of two converter services that allow for both exporting a structured HTML content (e.g. created with CKEditor 5 WYSIWYG editor) into a .docx Word file (the Export to Word converter) and for importing content from .docx and .dotx files and converting it into a styled HTML document with comments and suggestions attached (the Import from Word converter).

About Import from Word and Export to Word features you can read in a dedicated sections of the documentation.

The On-Premises version of the Export to Word and Import from Word features is an application that can be installed and run on the customer’s in-house servers and computing infrastructure, including a private cloud. It contains all the features of the Export to Word and Import from Word converters available as SaaS.

A valid license key is needed in order to install Word Services On-Premises.

Contact us for a trial license key. You can also check out the Premium Features free trial and test the cloud version for 30 days without commitment!

The documentation in this section refers to a simplified version of the Word Services On-Premises which was designed to be easy to set up and maintain (while preserving all the features). It also lowers the running costs by reducing the number of servers required to run the whole application to the minimum.

The only requirement to run Word Services On-Premises is Docker.

# Next steps

Read the requirements for Word Services On-Premises.
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