# Infrastructure

To run CKBox on your server, you need to have certain services prepared first:

  • An SQL database (MySQL and Postgres are supported)
  • A Redis database
  • Data storage (S3, Azure Blob Storage, filesystem, MySQL, or Postgres)

Besides, you need an Open Container runtime to run CKBox. You can use, among others: Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Elastic Container Service, or Azure Container Instances.

We also recommend using a load balancer. You can use almost any load balancer you choose, like NGINX, HAProxy, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, or Azure Load Balancer. Thanks to this, you will be able to create TLS connections and run several cooperating instances of CKBox On-Premises. It will increase the security and the performance of the application.

# Running the service

After meeting all infrastructure requirements, you can prepare the CKBox application to run.

Follow the steps below to install CKBox On-Premises using the Docker image.

  • Use the instructions below to log into the CKBox On-Premises Docker Registry and pull the Docker image. To get the DOWNLOAD_TOKEN please contact us.
docker login -u ckbox -p [DOWNLOAD_TOKEN]
docker pull
docker run --init -p 8080:8080 \
    -e LICENSE_KEY=[your license key from CKEditor Ecosystem customer dashboard] \
    -e ENVIRONMENTS_MANAGEMENT_SECRET_KEY=[your management secret key used in management panel] \
    -e DATABASE_DRIVER=[mysql|postgres] \
    -e DATABASE_HOST=[your database host] \
    -e DATABASE_USER=[your database user] \
    -e DATABASE_PASSWORD=[your database user password] \
    -e DATABASE_DATABASE=[your database name] \
    -e REDIS_HOST=[your redis host] \
    -e STORAGE_DRIVER=[s3|azure|filesystem|database] \
    -e STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY_ID=[your AWS access key] \
    -e STORAGE_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=[your AWS secret key] \
    -e STORAGE_BUCKET=[your S3 bucket name] \[version]