guideCKBox On-Premises

# 2.1.0 (2023-09-27)

# Features

  • Added global environment configuration management in CKBox

    New endpoints for changing global environment configuration were added:

    • GET:/superadmin/workspacesTemplate returns a list of categories that should be created in new workspaces created in the environment
    • PUT:/superadmin/workspacesTemplate allows to modify the list of categories created in a new workspace

# Fixes

  • Fixed the problem with composite image editing operations

    Introduced version 2 of the image editing endpoint POST:/assets/{assetId}/editImage that preserves the order of the operations throughout all image file formats:

    1. Flip is applied before anything else.
    2. Then rotation is applied.
    3. Then crop is applied.
    4. Then resize is applied.

    This fixes the problem of incorrectly cropped image part if it was previously flipped or rotated.

  • Fixed a problem while connecting with a database thru the TLS connection

    The TLS connection wasn’t possible, now TLS can be used properly.

# Other changes

  • Deprecated query parameter workspaceId in some of the assets-related endpoints

    The workspaceId parameter, which was previously used as a query parameter in our endpoints, has been deprecated and is not required anymore for the following endpoints: GET:/assets/{assetId}/offset, POST:/assets/{assetId}, PATCH:/assets/{assetId}, PATCH:/assets/{assetId}/metadata.

  • Added validation rules for maximum width and height in Image Editing in CKBox

    Maximum edited image dimension (width or height) is now limited to 16383px.

  • Improved mechanism to release unused database connections

  • Updated dependencies

    Selected dependencies have been updated to the latest versions, improving performance and security.

# 2.0.0 (2023-08-22)

Note: The CKBox On-premises 2.0.0 does not contain any breaking changes, the versioning is simply shared with the frontend part of the CKBox, which contains a breaking change.

# Fixes

  • Fixed the problem with handling files containing some of UNICODE combined accents in the filename

  • Fixed problems with uploading multiple files at once in CKBox configuration with a Postgres database

# Other changes

  • Adjusted the process of image editing

    The description and the tags assigned to an asset will now be copied to the newly created asset if the edited image is saved as a new file.

  • Improved the performance of image rescaling

    Adjusted image processing to speed up image processing and increase the rescaling performance.

  • Optimized CPU usage

  • Updated dependencies

    Selected dependencies have been updated to the latest versions, improving performance and security.

# 1.6.0 (2023-07-13)

# Features

  • Added metadataProcessingStatus property to the asset’s metadata

    The new property provides information about the status of processing image metadata.

  • Added the Asset overwrite feature

    A new POST:/assets/:assetId endpoint has been added to enable users to overwrite the asset’s file content.

  • Added the Asset offset feature

    A new GET:/assets/:assetId/offset endpoint has been added providing functionality to determine the position offset of an asset in a category or folder based on specific sorting conditions.

  • Added the Workspaces feature

Workspaces create completely separate instances of CKBox within one environment, which is effectively close to what can be achieved using separate environments.

Added 4 new endpoints dedicated to workspace management:

  • POST:/superadmin/workspaces creates a new workspace within the environment
  • PUT:/superadmin/workspaces/:workspaceId modifies the workspace
  • DELETE:/superadmin/workspaces/:workspaceId deletes the workspace
  • GET:/workspaces returns the list of all workspaces to which the user has access to
  • Added the Image Editing feature:

    An image editing API allows to perform various operations on image assets. The editing operation can be performed via a new endpoint POST:/assets/:assetId/edit.

    Some common image operations supported by such an API include:

    • Crop: This operation can select a specified portion of an image, removing the rest of it. This helps focus on a particular subject or remove unwanted elements.
    • Resize: This operation allows to change the dimensions (width and height) of an image, either proportionally or by specifying custom dimensions.
    • Rotate: This operation enables the rotation of an image by a set angle. 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.
    • Flip: Flipping allows the user to mirror an image horizontally or vertically

# Fixes

  • Fixed Redis cluster TLS options

    Fixed TLS options for a Redis cluster to make the connection to a Redis cluster possible for on-premises.

  • Improved the performance of image processing

# Other changes

  • Updated dependencies

    Selected dependencies have been updated to the latest versions, improving performance and security.

# 1.5.0 (2023-05-30)

# Features

  • Added support for REDIS_USER

    The environmental variable allows to set the user while connecting to the Redis instance.
    More details can be found in the online documentation.

# Fixes

  • Fixed the asset metadata that used specific orientation

    CKBox will now correctly save metadata about the image’s dimensions, taking into account the orientation contained in the EXIF.

  • Improved sample in API docs for the POST:/assets endpoint

    Adjusted the API docs sample to better reflect the interface of the data returned from the endpoint.

  • Added REST API documentation for the copy/move feature

    The REST API documentation now contains detailed docs and samples for 3 new endpoints related to copying/moving assets in CKBox:

    • POST:/assets/copy
    • POST:/assets/move
    • POST:/assets/namesExist
  • Improved the overall performance of copy/move operations

  • Improved the error handling of corrupted or empty files

# 1.4.0 (2023-04-18)

The 1.3.0 version was skipped to unify the versioning of CKBox On-premises with the cloud-based application.

# Features

  • Added the Copy assets feature

    Assets can now be copied between categories and folders. A new POST:/assets/copy endpoint has been added to enable users to copy assets. This endpoint also supports the action (replace or rename) to be performed during the operation.

  • Added the Move assets feature

    Assets can now be moved between categories and folders. A new POST:/assets/move endpoint has been added to enable users to move assets. This endpoint also supports the action (replace or rename) to be performed during the operation.

  • Added the Assets exist feature

    A new POST:/assets/namesExist endpoint has been added, which can be used to check whether assets with the same names exist in the target location. Such operation becomes useful when resolving conflicts when copying or moving assets.

  • Added the parentId property to the GET:/folders/:folderId endpoint response

    GET:/folders/:folderId will now include information about the identifier of the ancestor folder in each folder.

  • Added the assets count in folders and categories

    The behavior of the assetsCount property in GET:/categories/categoryId has been changed to reflect the assets count only for that category, without descendants folders. Additionally, a new totalAssetsCount property has been added, providing the number of all assets, taking into account the descendant folders of a given category.

  • Added the assetsCount property to the GET:/folders/:folderId endpoint

    The GET:/folders/:folderId endpoint now includes the additional assetsCount property containing the number of assets in that particular folder.

# Fixes

  • Ignored extension letter case when checking for allowed extensions

    Assets operations are now case-insensitive, it fixed some of the validation issues.

  • Disabled signature check on the /limits endpoint

  • Disabled marking assets as recent on GET:/assets/:assetId requests

# Other changes

  • Improved API docs for folders

  • Improved performance of counting assets

  • Improved performance of processing GIFs and BMP

  • Updated dependencies

    Selected dependencies have been updated to the latest versions, improving performance and security.

# 1.2.0 (2023-02-28)

# Features

  • Added natural sorting to folders

    Folders returned on all REST API endpoints are now sorted in the natural order.

  • Added possibility to return descendants to n-depth when retrieving folder branch

    GET:/folder/:folderId/branch endpoint will now accept an additional query parameter depth which will control the depth of the returned folder tree.

  • Included categoryId in assets and folder objects in subfolders

    All folders within the folder structure will now include additional information about the parent category. Before this information was only returned to the root folders.

  • Removed GET /assets/:assetId/metadata endpoint from REST API

    The GET /assets/:assetId/metadata endpoint for returning metadata for the asset is now deprecated and no longer operational.

  • Removed property categoryId from the PATCH /assets/:assetId endpoint

    The categoryId property was removed from the supported payload properties in that endpoint.

# Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to uploading the wrong Content-Type payload to CKBox

  • Fixed an issue with response hangup upon sending empty JSON to POST:/search

  • Fixed an issue related to validation mismatch when uploading a file to a folder

# Other changes

  • Added REST API documentation for the folders feature

# 1.1.0 (2023-01-23)

# Features

  • Added the /search API

    The new /search API allows searching assets by various properties like name, category, tags, and time range.
    More information can be found in the CKBox REST API documentation.

  • Added tags property to assets

    The new property allows for classifying your assets by tags.
    The tags are added to asset responses and can be used to filter search results.

  • Added metrics logs

    The new logs allow monitoring of the performance and stability of the CKBox On-premises.

# Other changes

  • Improved UX of the Insight Panel view in the management panel

    It is now possible to set a relative time frame for logs, so e.g. logs from the last hour can be checked.

  • Updated dependencies

    Selected dependencies have been updated to the latest versions, improving performance and security.

# 1.0.0 (2022-09-09)

# Features

  • Added On-Premise version of CKBox.

    The service allows for managing file assets and providing responsive versions of images.