guideSetting endpoints

After a successful installation of Collaboration Server On-Premises, you should configure the CKEditor Collaboration web application by setting endpoints that allow for communication between the web application and the server.

  • WebSockets endpoint:

  • Easy Image upload endpoint:

  • Token endpoint:
    You should implement your own token endpoint using the data generated in the Cloud Services Management Panel. Refer to the Token endpoint in Node.js implementation example.

  • Panel endpoint:

  • Restful APIs documentation endpoint:

  • Health endpoint:


    Very often, a load balancer requires an endpoint to check the application state. For this purpose, it is best to use this endpoint, which returns basic information about the application.

# Overriding external endpoint

Some features like the documentation, management panel, or Easy Image need to recognize the public endpoint where CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises is available.
By default, it is determined based on the HOST header. To recognize a protocol, the X-FORWARDED-PROTO header is used (if the header does not exist, the default protocol is HTTP).

Sometimes you may want to set this endpoint manually, for example when HOST is overridden by a load balancer or X-FORWARDED-PROTO is not provided.

In such cases, you can use the APPLICATION_EXTERNAL_ENDPOINT configuration. It should contain the schema (protocol) and host, for example: