guideProduction deployment

To reduce the time needed to set up a production-ready environment, the most common configuration was prepared in the form of ready-to-use examples.

Presented examples configure a basic environment and they can be easily used as a base to prepare extended, production setup.


Use this script to provision infrastructure with recommended settings and install CKEditor Collaboration Server on your AWS account.

AWS ECS configuration

# Azure AKS

Use these Terraform modules to provide infrastructure hosted in Microsoft Azure for CKEditor Collaboration Server On-Premises. There are two modules: one for provisioning the infrastructure needed to run the service, and the other for deploying the service onto that infrastructure.

Azure AKS configuration

# Kubernetes with Helm charts

Use this Helm chart to provide CKEditor Collaboration Server on your Kubernetes cluster.

This Helm chart deploys only the CKEditor Collaboration Server and requires an externally provisioned SQL database and Redis instance.

See our Helm Charts

# Next steps