The On-Premises version of CKEditor Cloud Services is an application that can be installed and run on the customer’s in-house servers and computing infrastructure, including a private cloud. It is a highly scalable solution, designed to handle an unlimited number of concurrent connections. It contains all the features of CKEditor Cloud Services available as SaaS.

A valid license key is needed in order to install CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises.
Contact us for a trial license key.

The documentation in this section refers to a simplified version of CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises which was designed to be easy to set up and maintain (while preserving all features). It also lowers the running costs by reducing the number of servers required to run the whole application to the minimum.

If your usage scenario involves running CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises for more than 50,000 concurrent connections, please contact us to discuss the most optimal setup for your needs.

The CKEditor Cloud Services On-premise installation requires two servers: one for running the application (“Application Server”) and another one for hosting the databases (“Database Server”). Refer to the Requirements guide for more information.

# Next steps

Read how to install CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises.