guideCKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises

Welcome to the CKEditor Cloud Services On-Premises. It provides the CKEditor Cloud Services functionality for your own servers, letting the you create a cloud platform including all CKEditor services.

The On-Premises version of CKEditor Cloud Services is an application that can be installed and run on the customer’s in-house servers and computing infrastructure, including a private cloud. It is a highly scalable solution, designed to handle an unlimited number of concurrent connections. Collaboration Server On-premises includes: Collaborative Editing, real-time Comments, real-time Track Changes and Easy Image. Subject to additional subscription fee, customers can purchase Revision History feature working in collaborative editing mode.

The information contained in the On-Premises section mainly concerns the way of installation, requirements, management, and differences in functionality between the On-Premises and SaaS versions.

The whole functionality of the system is described in the Guides section, whereas the differences are described in the Features section.

Refer to the following sections for more information:

  • Overview – An introduction to Cloud Services On-Premises.
  • Collaboration Server – Learn how to setup and configure Collaboration Server On-Premises.
  • CKBox Server – Learn how to setup and configure CKBox On-Premises.
  • Export to PDF – Learn how to setup and configure Export to PDF On-Premises.
  • Import and Export to Word – Learn how to setup and configure Import from Word and Export to Word On-Premises.