guideInstallation overview

A valid license key is needed in order to install the CKEditor Collaboration Server On-Premises.
Contact us for a trial license key.

# Supported technologies

The application is provided as a docker image by default.

It can be run with any Open Container runtime tool e.g. Kubernetes, OpenShift, Podman, Docker and many others.

Refer to the Requirements guide for more information about the hardware and software requirements to run Collaboration Server On-Premises.

# Sandbox On-Premises setup

For evaluation and testing purposes, you can follow the Quick-start guide, where we provide an easy-to-use script for setting up all necessary infrastructure for Collaboration Server On-Premises on your local machine.

# Configuration

Articles in this section provide information about the possibilities and instructions on how to configure the application depending on the user’s needs.

# Production deployment

Production deployment can differ for every use case, so it is hard to determine one approach which will suit every case.
In a dedicated article, you will find a list of scripts prepared to run basic scenarios using different tools and platforms.
It can be used as a base to prepare a production-ready setup.

Check the Production deployment article

# Performance and reliability

The performance of the CKEditor Collaboration Server On-Premises depends on many factors. It is heavily related to the features used, specific use cases, and the type of content of processed documents. Some features like document storage, import and export, or connection optimizer are highly CPU-consumptive tasks. The CKEditor Collaboration Server can not only be scaled, but also separate workers for specific, CPU-consuming tasks can be set up.

To enable and configure separate CKEditor Collaboration Worker check the dedicated article.

You can read more about the CKEditor Collaboration Server On-Premises performance in the Requirements article.

# Support

Contact us if you have any questions about the installation process or would like to customize the recommended setup.