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CKBox 1.2.0 with file preview, search and tags released

CKBox 1.2.0 with file preview, search and tags released

We are happy to announce the release CKBox v1.2.0. We are not slowing down with the development, so the new version is rich with new features that power up CKBox and make working with the application more efficient and even more pleasant. The newest version of CKBox also introduces a couple of important user interface improvements and bug fixes. We highly recommend updating your installation to the latest version.

# File preview

The new version of CKBox introduces a feature called file preview, which allows browsing through assets in a full-window mode. Thanks to this, you can easily see the details of images and quickly search through your photos. For now, it is possible to open the preview only for image assets. Support for preview of other file formats will be added in future versions of CKBox.

Preview the image files with a single click.
Preview the image files with a single click.

# File tagging

The 1.2.0 version of CKBox introduces a file tagging feature. Tags are a well-known and familiar mechanism for grouping data into subsets. From now on you will be able to organize your assets not only into categories but also into independent groups that can be easily searched.

The tags can be assigned to the asset in the properties drawer - a new, collapsible component we have introduced in this version of CKBox, which displays detailed information about the selected element.

Adding and checking the tags in the properties drawer.
Adding and checking the tags in the properties drawer.

Searching through your files is a key feature of each file manager - especially important if you work with a large number of assets. With the newly released version of CKBox, you can conveniently search within your assets by defined search criteria. The search feature provides basic and advanced search modes.

In basic search mode, you can simply type the search query in the input field and hit Enter. CKBox will do its best to find any matching assets, looking at names, descriptions, and tags. Additionally, you have access to the list of recently used search queries right from the dropdown so you can quickly repeat the search with the same criteria.

Basic search with previous search terms list handy.
Basic search with previous search terms list handy.

In the advanced search mode, in addition to the search query, you can define more fine-grained rules to apply when searching for assets:

  • Categories - By default, search works in the global scope, looking for a match in all available assets. In this field, you can narrow the set of categories that should be searched.
  • Tags - An input field allowing to define the set of tags to match. Only assets that have assigned all the tags defined here will be returned in the search result.
  • Extensions - This filter is based on the file extension, so you can define which file types should be included in the search results. Toggle buttons under the input make it easy to quickly set whole groups of extensions appropriate to file types - for example, if you look for images you can simply select Images, and the input will be filled with appropriate extensions, i.e. jpeg, png, webp, tiff, etc.
  • Upload date - In this field, you can define the date range for when the assets were uploaded.
  • Modification date - Allows defining the date range when assets were modified. The search result will include only assets whose attributes have been changed within the given time period.
Setting up advanced search criteria.
Setting up advanced search criteria.

# What’s next?

The latest release of CKBox has introduced multiple essential features, improvements, and bug fixes. We are not losing the speed, and the incoming version of CKBox will bring another set of awesome improvements - among them support for folders, a very important feature that will allow organizing your assets into folders, just like in your desktop file system!

# Obtaining CKBox

CKBox is a commercial solution. Please check the pricing if you would like to purchase a license.

You can also sign up for the non-commitment CKEditor Premium Features 30-day free trial.

There is a free personal plan available, too, that can be easily upgraded when the need arises.

# Support and feedback

Refer to the extensive CKBox documentation in case of any needs.
Please contact us at to:

  • Report issues.
  • Submit feature requests.
  • Suggest improvements in the documentation.

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