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Kinetic Solutions Case Study

The Challenge

Kinetic Solutions needed an easy to use and intuitive HTML editor to replace their various solutions that had previously been used to enable clients to edit their own website content. They were looking after a solution that could easily be integrated into their online web products and would produce clean, correct source code. It was important that the editor be intuitive and easy to use so clients could quickly get up to speed without extensive training or support.

Having analyzed and evaluated the products on the market they chose CKEditor.

The Solution

CKEditor in Kinetic Solution products

Implementing CKEditor was quick and it took about a day to remove the legacy editor and replace it with the new component.

The Results

The editor is easy for Kinetic Solutions’ clients to use and requires almost no training and support.

Given ease of use and the quality of the source code produced they had no hesitation in choosing CKEditor as one of the components when creating their new KxProposals solution. From a development point of view, the ability to build upon and extend CKEditor functionality has been invaluable and allowed Kinetic Solutions to write a custom file manager to satisfy a very specific need within one product and apply their own CSS for true WYSIWYG in another.

CKEditor is an extensible, easy to integrate editor that’s intuitive for customers, produces clean HTML and accepts custom CSS for branding and true contextual WYSIWYG editing.

Ray Whiting, Development Manager

Technical Recap

  • Product: CKEditor Enterprise
  • Environment: KxB&B (an online room booking engine to allow customers to encourage direct bookings and maximize room occupancies) and KxProposals (quickly and easily produces fully branded sales proposals offering app-style functionality to represent customers offering in the best light and improving the conversion rates of sales pipelines)
  • Environment languages: .NET
  • Development time: One day per product

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