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Download CKEditor and Plant a Tree!

Green TreeAs a way of saying thanks to the loyalty of every CKEditor user around the world, in the course of the CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary celebrations, CKSource will be donating to various rainforest tree-planting charities based on your activity!

Help us save rainforests by participating and inviting others to use and download CKEditor. Several environmental organizations that plant rainforest trees have been selected around the world. Each week, CKSource will plant a tree for every 15 unique CKEditor downloads! You will be able to follow our eco charity through regular updates on our social pages:

Your downloads will lead to a greener world! Who would have imagined that using an Open Source web application could have an environmental impact on the world around us. Well... we have, so get moving and download CKEditor!

Week 1 Update: 1063 trees will be planted!

GWC logoThe first charity to receive donations is Green World Campaign. Thanks to your activity over the week, CKSource donations will help plant 1063 trees!

Green World Campaign helps turn degraded lands green again, thus raising the living standards of the rural poor, combating climate change and creating holistic ways to work for the health of our shared biosphere and the harmony of our global village.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in making this happen. Next week we will select a new charity. Remember: only unique downloads are counted, so share this page with your friends via Twitter and Facebook!

Week 2 Update: 844 trees will be planted!

Our one dollar - one tree campaign continues. The second charity to receive donations is Love Trees - a global children's educational tree planting program that gives kids an opportunity to connect with nature.

Thanks to your downloads over the last week, children in North America, Africa and Haiti will learn the value of a greener world by planting 844 trees!

Week 3 Update: 862 trees will be planted!

The third charity to receive donations is Plant a Billion Trees - an organization whose goal is to save endangered Atlantic forests by planting a billion trees by 2015.

Week 4 Update: 841 trees will be planted!

The fourth and last charity to receive donations is American Forests - an organization that aims to protect and restore forests in America and other countries with a comprehensive, action-oriented, and education-focused approach. Thanks to the community, 841 trees are going to be planted

A total of 3610 trees are going to be planted thanks to your downloads! That's a small forest! 

This concludes our CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary tree donations initiative. The CKEditor team and CKSource would like to thank everyone who participated. This was our unique way of giving back to the community around the world. We hope you liked it!

We are always looking for new and fun ways to give back to the community, so leave comments below on what you thought about this charity action. 

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