CKEditor Released

We would like to inform the community that we have just released CKEditor This is a minor hotfix for the XSS vulnerability that was discovered yesterday, and as such does not include any other fixes or enhancements. It's not the much awaited 4.1 release, which should be out soon. We recommend upgrading to keep your system as secure as possible.


Alternately, if you want to be secure without the patch, temporarily remove samples\assets\posteddata.php until the release of CKEditor 4.1. 




Check out the What's New? page for the full list of changes.


Download CKEditor now!


CKEditor is available in Open Source and Commercial licenses. Full details can be found on our license page.

Reporting Issues

Please use the CKEditor development website to report issues and suggestions through tickets.


Community support is available through our forums. Visit the support page for additional options.

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