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CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary Recap!

The CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary has come to an end and we would like to thank the community for participating! The various charity actions, the Twitter t-shirt contest and Warsaw party exeeded our expectations. CKEditor's historical milestone was a great success and we have you to thank!

We're Planting a Small Forest!

For every 15 CKEditor downloads, CKSource donated to a charity to plant a tree. Thanks to your downloads 3610 trees are going to be planted around the world! Here is a breakdown of the donations:

Week 1: Green World Campaign will plant 1063 trees
Week 2: Love Trees will plant 844 trees
Week 3: Plant a Billion Trees will plant 862 trees
Week 4: American Forests will plant 841 trees

Your Aid to 4 Charities!

In addition to the CKEditor tree-planting action, CKSource also gave 10% of its licensing revenue to various charities:

Week 1: Donations sent to Doctors Without Borders
Week 2: Donations sent to Save the Children
Week 3: Donations sent to UNICEF
Week 4: Donations sent to Red Cross and Red Crescent

Lucky T-Shirt Winners!

On Twitter we held a t-shirt contest where participants had a chance to win a special CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary t-shirt. Congratulations to all the lucky winners:




CKEditor 10 Year Anniversary Party!

And finally, we would like to thank everyone who showed up for the anniversary party in Warsaw, Poland. The CKEditor community got a chance to meet face-to-face and mingle over food, free beer and an amicable bowling tournament. Congratulations go to Kira of for winning the bowling tournament and a Kindle 5! To view some pics of the party, check our Facebook pages. 

We would like to thank CKSource for sponsoring the festivities. They made the celebrations a reality. Few Open Source projects have been around for 10 years, and CKEditor is not only still around but reaching new heights! We have the community to thank for that. Your support, contributions and loyalty have made this happen, so this was our way of thanking you. We hope you liked it! Let us know what you thought of the anniversary.

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