5 ways SaaS companies can benefit from collaborative editing with CKEditor 5

People working in SaaS industry using collaborative editing features for the good

We are attending SaaStr Annual, the largest B2B conference in the world where the technology community comes together to take an unbiased look at the industry. Famous for its three days of growth-focused content from 300+ speakers, it attracts 12,000+ SaaS executives, founders, and VCs to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since SaaStr Annual is there to help SaaS businesses scale up, we are going to be there to prove how a good WYSIWYG editor can contribute to that. We want to show that CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features can provide a modern writing experience for every application. Whether you would like to spice up the software you create or your internal team dynamic, here are five reasons why SaaS companies should choose a collaborative rich text editor like CKEditor 5.

# Innovation

You have certainly written and created content collaboratively before, so you know collaborative editing is not a fresh idea. What is new about collaborative editing is that now you can have it available for your own application, and CKEditor 5 is one of the very few solutions that allow it. When people say “collaborative writing”, the first (and usually only) solution that comes to mind is Google Docs. But who wouldn’t like the software they use to include an intuitive and modern writing solution they already love? Having CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features is just that, kind of like having Google Docs in your application, but also so much more.

Currently, CKEditor 5 is the only collaborative rich text editor that can provide a ready-to-use solution — including on-premises and cloud collaboration solutions — with modern architecture specifically built for collaborative editing from the ground up. As a leader and trendsetter for rich text editing software, we set the industry standard and come up with new features and improvements to help you stay ahead of the curve.

# Minimal cost for customized implementation

The only thing that is super-easy about rich text editors is that they are super-easy to get lost in. An editor is one of those things that does not seem complicated at first glance but can be overwhelming once you get started. This is why in most cases, either the implemented rich text editor is basic with few features, or the implementation is not customized. A rich text editor with real-time collaboration capabilities is definitely not basic, especially with features like tables, drag-and-drop image upload, paste from Word and Google Docs, autoformatting, lists, block quotes, autocomplete and even math equations formatting. Yes, CKEditor 5 has plenty of features and the list here does not even scratch the surface.

Implementation is all about your expectations from a rich text editor, how important writing is for your users, and what features they need. If you want a customized editor that cannot be less than perfect for a writing-heavy software, then you probably need to invest time, resources and people to build and customize more carefully.

With CKEditor 5, you can minimize that investment significantly. Thanks to our online builder, it is as easy as can be to create a customized rich text editor. CKEditor 5, its collaboration features, its backend on-premises and cloud solutions, and its different types of builds are all ready-to-use and customizable. CKEditor 5’s modular architecture is designed to make any further customizations solid and easy. And our customer care team and developers are there to help you with any questions or problems every step of the way. What’s better than having the rich text editing knowledge of 17+ years and 30+ developers on your side? By choosing CKEditor 5, you will certainly spend less money, and more importantly much less time, than you would creating a dedicated team or outsourcing to build your own solution from scratch.

Customer Stories: How CKEditor 5 with real-time collaborative editing helped Tablo

# Collaboration reloaded

As mentioned above, collaboration and collaborative editing are widely used and loved thanks to Google Docs. Adding a solution such as Google Docs to your workflow isn’t effortless and distraction-free, though, because you have to switch between applications to paste content. What if you could have a collaborative writing space right within your email marketing CRM application or your blog? Think of a writing environment where you could get feedback for your email, contract copy or report content without the need of using third-party applications. CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features make it possible. With comments, track changes and real-time collaborative editing as separate but compatible features, you decide and customize your own collaboration workflow for your application and users.

With CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features, users can simply focus on writing and enjoy the perks of collaboration with fewer mistakes and more creativity instead of trying to get feedback and content together from different platforms before publishing. By implementing CKEditor 5 in your software you create a platform where users can communicate about the content they create and be more productive. If you think this is what your users deserve, then try it today and imagine the possibilities of customization for your application; free trials are available to get you started right away!

# Flexible offers

Writing and rich text editing have different levels of importance for each application, or even for different parts of a single application. Regardless of the scale of your software, sometimes writing is a major feature and sometimes it isn’t. This is why we focus on flexibility with our offers.

Our flexible offers are possible with having an open line of communication and we want to know how you and your users will be using our rich text editor so we can provide you with tailor-made pricing, metrics and licensing. Getting to know how our customers use CKEditor 5 also helps us prioritize new features and perks for the future.

We have companies of all sizes as our customers, from Fortune 500 enterprises to startups that are just taking off. Whatever your company size or use case may be, know that we look forward to you joining our community.

# Scale up and beyond

Good user experience, happy users, bigger growth. This is what we offer with CKEditor 5. Editing on the web can get problematic but we strive everyday to give the best WYSIWYG rich text editor solution, documentation, and support possible to end-users and developers. We listen to our community to learn what features they need the most, and we make them happen because we believe every user deserves the best writing experience possible on the web, not to mention the features that go with it.

We already think about the ins and outs of WYSIWYG editors everyday. Let us worry about your editor and do what we do best while you focus on improving other aspects of your software. Contact us to learn how we can grow together.

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