We are sorry to inform you that CKEditor 5 does not support Internet Explorer 11 yet.

Don't worry - we have it on our roadmap.

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Unlike many other editors, CKEditor 5 is not just “collaboration ready”. CKEditor 5 and Letters come with everything you need to make your software a truly real-time collaborative application.

The collaboration server required for propagating real-time collaboration changes is available as a service (SaaS) and as a ready-to-use solution for installation on your servers (on-premise). The on-premise installation is a fully scalable solution that can run in your own data center or in your private cloud.

CKEditor 5 collaboration features

Customize any CKEditor 5 build to include selected collaboration features such as real-time collaboration, comments and track changes.

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Startup Program

Want to have the best rich text editor in your startup project? We offer free development plans, flexible support models and licensing systems tailored to your business needs.

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Enterprise Offer

Looking for an enterprise-grade rich text editor that can boost productivity? We offer rock-solid software with premium technical support and custom development services.

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