Collaborative editing
with CKEditor 5

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Collaborative editing
components for any software

With rates of working from home skyrocketing, software creators are looking for ways to include online collaboration and collaborative writing with quick and easy effort to get a head start over the competition.

What if we told you that you could easily implement a Google Docs-like tool in any application, customize it for better efficiency, and keep its data wherever you prefer? With CKEditor 5 it’s easier than you can imagine!

Start collaborating right away!

The best writing tool for online collaboration

CKEditor 5 is a modern JavaScript rich text editor for modern applications. Its well-designed, customizable UI and collaboration features offer a rich writing experience for your users.

Creating a real-time collaborative rich text editor from scratch, especially one that can handle complex structures, is a long haul task. CKEditor 5 offers real-time collaboration along with an easy implementation; letting you save your of development and maintenance resources and cut costs.

An efficient collaborative editing tool for users

With CKEditor 5, users can comment, suggest changes, create discussion threads, manage document revisions, as well as collaborate in real-time. This allows users to stay within a single application for all the steps of content creation process; whether writing, review, or feedback. Without the need to involve third-party applications, users can stay engaged and focus on what really matters: content.

A powerful rich text editor component for developers

CKEditor 5 was written from scratch to accommodate for collaborative editing. Modular and plug-in based architecture allows for an easy customization of both the editor and its collaboration features. Make no mistake, the real time collaborative editing demos we offer are among many other possible configurations of the editor.

Native integrations with popular JavaScript frameworks as well as complete backend solutions for the premium features are available for your convenience. You can choose our SaaS cloud to save costs and the hassle, or an on-premises solution for you to store and manage your own data in your private cloud or data center.

Test right in your application!

Real-time collaborative editing vs. standard editing

Collaboration features are best enjoyed with real-time collaboration powered by Operational Transformation.
However you can also set comments, track changes and revision history up with standard, asynchronous editing according to your needs.

Why enterprises choose CKEditor 5?

We have 20+ years of experience in supporting Fortune 500 organizations.
We offer rock-solid software with premium technical support and custom development services.

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