Customer relationship

Meeting diverse expectations with easy to integrate, extensible and collaborative rich text editor.

CRM platforms cover for many objectives while being used by people from diverse backgrounds in various departments. Whether creating emails, social networking posts, sales or finance reports, a versatile WYSIWYG editor that can handle all these tasks is an overlooked key for success.

Features your users will love

  • Formatting content in Markdown thanks to auto formatting and automatic transformation of predefined texts (e.g. (TM) to ™)
  • Excellent pasting from other sources like Word and style inheritance when pasting plain texts.
  • Choose parts of the content that can be edited in restricted editing mode to provide different levels of access.
  • Use comments and suggest edits with Track Changes to collaborate easily across teams.

All the basics needed for neat content

  • Headings, bold, italic, underline and other basic formatting.
  • Numbered or underordered lists with customizable style and indent options.
  • Block quote to include simple text references.
  • Autolink by pasting your URL or use the toolbar to hyperlink content you already have.
  • Font color, font background, font family and highlight and other styling features.
The Comments and Track Changes features are a must. We can’t have Agreemint without them.
Peter Graham

Peter Graham

CEO and Founder, Agreemint

Essential benefits

Improves productivity

Ensuring writing productivity and catering for needs of CRMs within a single solution. No need for separate solutions for collaboration, customer communication and management.

Easily customizable

Easy customization for all editor instances from classic editor to create emails to balloon block editor to take and share notes.

Rock-solid technology

Intuitive and reliable WYSIWYG technology to keep you out of trouble and fast support to help you build your editor in no time.

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