New Features:

  • #835: Extended support for pasting from external applications:
  • #3315: Added support for strikethrough in the BBCode plugin. Thanks to Alexander Kahl!
  • #3175: Introduced selection optimization mechanism for handling incorrect selection behaviors in various browsers:
    • #3256: Triple-clicking in the last table cell and deleting content no longer pulls the content below into the table.
    • #3118: Selecting a paragraph with a triple-click and applying a heading applies the heading only to the selected paragraph.
    • #3161: Double-clicking a <span> element containing just one word creates a correct selection including the clicked <span> only.
  • #3359: Improved dialog positioning and behavior when the dialog is resized or moved, or the browser window is resized.
  • #2227: Added the config.linkDefaultProtocol configuration option that allows setting the default URL protocol for the Link plugin dialog.
  • #3240: Extended the CKEDITOR.plugins.widget#mask property to allow masking only the specified part of a widget.
  • #3138: Added the possibility to use the widgetDefinition.getClipboardHtml() method to customize the widget HTML during copy, cut and drag operations.

Fixed Issues:

  • #808: Fixed: Widgets and other content disappear on drag and drop in read-only mode.
  • #3260: Fixed: Widget drag handler is visible in read-only mode.
  • #3261: Fixed: A widget initialized using the dialog has an incorrect owner document.
  • #3198: Fixed: Blurring and focusing the editor when a widget is focused creates an additional undo step.
  • #2859: [IE, Edge] Fixed: Various editor UI elements react to right mouse button click:
  • #3158: [Chrome, Safari] Fixed: Undo plugin breaks with the filling character.
  • #504: [Edge] Fixed: The editor's selection is collapsed to the beginning of the content when focusing the editor for the first time.
  • #3101: Fixed: CKEDITOR.dom.range#_getTableElement() returns null instead of a table element for edge cases.
  • #3287: Fixed: initializes incorrectly if an AMD loader is present.
  • #3379: Fixed: Incorrect CKEDITOR.editor#getData() call when inserting content into the editor.
  • #941: Fixed: An error is thrown after styling a table cell text selected using the native selection when the Table Selection plugin is enabled.
  • #3136: [Firefox] Fixed: Clicking Balloon Toolbar items removes the native table selection.
  • #3381: [IE8] Fixed: The method does not accept non-objects.
  • #2395: [Android] Fixed: Focused input in a dialog is scrolled out of the viewport when the soft keyboard appears.
  • #453: Fixed: Link dialog has an invalid width when the editor is maximized and the browser window is resized.
  • #2138: Fixed: An email address containing a question mark is mishandled by the Link plugin.
  • #14613: Fixed: Race condition when loading plugins for an already destroyed editor instance throws an error.
  • #2257: Fixed: The editor throws an exception when destroyed shortly after it was created.
  • #3115: Fixed: Destroying the editor during the initialization throws an error.
  • #3354: [iOS] Fixed: Pasting no longer works on iOS version 13.
  • #3423 Fixed: Bookmarks can be created inside temporary elements.

API Changes:

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