Have a truly relaxing holiday with CKEditor 5

Have a truly relaxing holiday with the help of CKEditor 5

Camping or farm stay near the city? Lying flat by the pool at a resort SPA, or maybe backpacking, trekking, or some even more extreme sports? Whatever we like, and whatever we choose, we should get fully immersed in the pleasure of our well-deserved and long-awaited vacation, and not think about the work too much. The worst thing we can do is to imagine the workload that we’ll have to deal with after we’ve come back home, instead of just relaxing and living in the moment. And the best way to keep a peace of mind is to make sure that we’ll handle what awaits us with ease. We may achieve it by doing everything we can in advance not to get stuck in overdue tasks and piled up documents upon our arrival. And by using all tools available, such as CKEditor 5, that may support us.

# 1. The perfect holiday — what is necessary?

The annual holiday is something we need badly to fully recover from work. And this year, we need it even more than usual. The last 18 months have been extremely difficult, and some of us chose to stay at home during the summer of 2020. If we don’t go now, this may affect our health badly, including increase the risk of premature death. The negative effect of skipping holidays may even be worse than if we worked long hours, i.e. for 55 or more hours per week. We don’t need a getaway that is 2 or 3 weeks long — some say that it’s on the eighth day of our respite from work when we feel best in terms of health and well-being, and anything above that is unnecessary.

# 2. The perfect getaway — how to prepare for it?

First of all, remember that the company won’t fail within the 2 or even 3 weeks of your leave. However, make sure to finish all important tasks in advance, and provide all the necessary materials to your colleagues so that you won’t really be needed within the timeframes of your leave. Don’t go on a holiday in the middle of an important project but if you don’t have a choice since all your projects are crucial, inform all the people whom it may concern in advance. You may also set up automated information in your inbox that you’re out of the office and who may be contacted instead of you. Choose carefully where you’ll go and — most importantly — with whom, and the way you’re going to discover this place. If you make a wrong decision concerning these, you’ll come back home tired, upset, and frustrated. Overusing electronic devices during the long-awaited vacation may have a similar effect, too.

# 3. How CKEditor 5 can help

Unfortunately, many of us feel the uncontrollable urge to keep looking at devices with screens and, specifically, check our inboxes over and over again, and sometimes even reply to the most “urgent” emails. Very often, it’s because we simply cannot stand the upcoming burden of returning to the office and reading, for long hours, hundreds of emails stuck in the inbox, and we’re trying to prevent it. But, actually, we don’t have to. Out of dozens of CKEditor 5’s versatile features, some can help us fully relax, and rest assured that the entire workflow within the team is organized and managed the best way possible.

# Handy collaboration features

What’s in store, then? First of all, you may take advantage of the collaboration features that will help your team work within a single application, without the need of sending documents or emailing comments or using additional tools and devices. We may be sure that the whole progress will be here for us in one place — CKEditor 5, the most popular WYSIWYG editor on the market. Particular remarks, and changes (comments and revisions) won’t be scattered but systemized and easy to trace. What’s important, we won’t have to scan the whole inbox looking for particular files and documents to know who wrote what and when anymore.

Within CKEditor 5, everything is perfectly organized so we’re able to assess what happened when we were vacationing within a few minutes. That means we can track the progress in content creation each team member has made so far, and be aware of who’s responsible for particular contributions. But if we want some parts of the document to stay intact when we’re away, we may restrict editing there, and allow it in other content regions. Moreover, we may set the editor into a read-only mode when needed.

# Easy as pasting content from Microsoft Word and Google Docs

It’s worth noting that CKEditor 5 is, in many ways, more intuitive and user-friendly than Microsoft Word, and the way of displaying changes suggested is one of the areas where we may experience it. It is more simple, and, additionally, one may discard or accept all those suggestions with one click.

But if some people you cooperate with still use Microsoft Word, you may easily paste content from it to CKEditor 5, maintaining the original structure and formatting, including heading levels, lists, links, tables, and images. The same goes for pasting content from Google Docs.

# Revision History — all versions available at a glance

When there are many collaborators involved, this certainly may be a huge challenge to figure out who wrote what, and what’s the newest version, especially being away. But thanks to the new and much anticipated Revision History feature everything is clear and the whole history of document revisions, understood as named, chronological versions of the content, is maintained in order and available at a glance. This is especially useful in the case of specialized, complex legal, medical, or financial texts. What’s important, content creation progress, including unresolved change suggestions, is trackable easily, giving the level of control and versatility comparable to document versioning tools offered by Google Docs.

All the features mentioned can make your holiday a truly relaxing and soothing experience, and coming back home — a little less difficult. But there are a plethora of other useful features within CKEditor 5, and new state-of-the-art enhancements are added regularly. So make sure to stay tuned as there may be some brand new features available at your fingertips when you return, making handling the workload even more lightweight, and pleasant.

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