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WeSustain Case Study

The Challenge

WeSustain provides a web based solution for large companies that enables their globally located branches to work collaboratively on sustainability, ISO and other reporting standards. A large portion of that work relates to coordinating text input and linking it with numeric data and charts, making an extensible and easy-to-use text editor paramount that runs reliably on a variety of browsers and platforms.

The Solution

CKEditor in WeSustain

CKEditor was embedded quickly within our software suite and is easily configurable.

Dr. Daniel Süpke, CTO WeSustain GmbH

Customizations such as integrated help and links to external data sources are always a continuous process, but proven to be very time-efficient due to the well documented plugin API, which was also the main reason for WeSustain to choose CKEditor. Out of the box plugins to visualize data from internal data sources within the text editor were ready within weeks and have been strongly extended since then.

The Results

User feedback regarding text-editing capabilities of the WeSustain software suite is especially motivating - ranging from ease-of-use to saving large amounts of time due to the integration with other data sources and collaborative functionalities. All these options were made available using CKEditors' plugin mechanism. The option to prepare templates for automated report generation is a major time saver for many WeSustain customers.

The well documented plugin API of CKEditor has been a major benefit to our software solution. Customer feedback for the integration of internal and external data sources, visualization and general user-friendliness is the main motivator both for our customers and our programmers. The text-editing and collaboration capabilities we provide using CKEditor are definitely among the top features of WeSustain’s sustainability management suite.

Dr. Daniel Süpke, CTO WeSustain GmbH

Technical recap

  • Product: CKEditor Premium
  • Environment: WeSustain ESM (Enterprise Sustainability Management)‘s Text Editor and Word Processor
  • Environment languages: Java, HTML5, JQuery, HighCharts
  • Development time: 5 days for initial integration, 1 month for first plugin, continuous development of plugins

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