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Retina in CKEditor 4.2

In case you haven’t noticed, CKEditor 4.2 now comes with HiDPI icons for Retina displays and similar pixel density screens! We’re particularly proud of this feature as it truly accentuates the finer details of our cool new Moono toolbar, introduced with the release of CKEditor 4.

For those who don’t know, Retina display is a pixel density that’s high enough to make pixelation unnoticeable at typical viewing distance. Without going into the boring details of what distance and DPI/PPI is needed for the human eye to not notice pixelation, let’s just agree that screens with more pixels have sharper images.

Simply having a high-resolution screen isn’t enough to make you see crisper images. You also need pics with more pixels to make a difference. Thankfully, CKEditor 4.2 has Retina icons, so anyone with the latest iPhones, iPads or Macbook Pros will see a big improvement in the quality of CKEditor icons.

You can compare the quality below. Here’s a regular toolbar with normal 16x16 pixel icons:

normal toolbar

And here is a Retina display icon set with 32x32 pixels:

retina toolbar

Here’s a regular section of the toolbar with the Retina toolbar below it:

normal tools

retina tools

And here’s the Italic icon zoomed in (normal/Retina):

normal icon retina icon

All pics are showed at maximum quality. As you can see, the difference is obvious. Retina icons are crisper and more detailed. This is how CKEditor 4.2 looks on HiDPI screens! Let us know what you think by leaving comments below.

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