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New CEO Appointed at CKSource

Thanks to CKEditor and CKFinder’s continued success, CKSource is expanding its base of operations with a new office in downtown Warsaw and a new corporate direction. With that said, we are proud to announce that Michal Pik has been appointed the new CEO of CKSource! Congratulations!

Our company is constantly expanding. In the next few months we will offer for the first time custom development solutions for businesses with complex needs. This means a larger team and increased overhead. Michal’s 12 years of managerial and upper level sales experience in prominent companies like HP and IBM, Dell and BLStream is just what CKsource needs to reach these new heights.


For over a decade, Michal Pik held key managerial IT-related positions where he improved the general operations of each company he worked for, resulting in higher sales and productivity.

In IBM, Michal organized the company’s Central and Eastern European sectors, comprised of Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia and Turkey. In Dell, his strong sales background brought the famous computer corporation tremendous success in terms of quotas and customer satisfaction. In BLStream he managed and expanded the company’s web and Backend Technologies department from 64 to 87 employees in one year. While in HP he put Poland’s HP Professional Software Services department on the map.

More importantly, his presence also resulted in a change in employee mentality, replacing stringent corporate attitudes with a more passionate and amicable workplace.

“I'm happy to join such a professional and passionate team. Your passion is visible for the outside world and this was the main factor that attracted me most," Pik remarked about joining CKSource. "I see huge potential in CKSource. I'll do my best to leverage that and bring CKSource to the next level.”

When asked about his new role in a company built on Open Source roots, Michal responded by saying “It’s exactly who I am! Open Source is a mentality - a free-thinking and openhanded lifestyle - and I always preferred the human connection in every company I’ve worked for."

CKSource is entering a new phase and we are confident that Michal's steadfast and visionary approach will take us to new heights, so once again we’d like to congratulate and thank Michal Pik for joining the team!

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