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Government of the Netherlands Case Study

The Challenge

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (Quality Institute of Dutch Municipalities) have initiated a large-scale project called Just Accessible.

Just Accessible actively supports Dutch government organizations to continuously improve the accessibility of public sector websites. This monitoring activity aims to test over 900 Government of the Netherlands websites (both central and decentralized) for their validity against the latest web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0) that can be tested automatically (for 17 out of 38 success criteria), and to provide complete test reports and suggestions for improvement.

Government of the Netherlands was looking for a tool for web content editors and CMS suppliers, which would enable content creators to test their content for web accessibility issues before it is published and to prevent any future mistakes.

The Solution

Government of the Netherlands was willing to include CKSource Accessibility Checker among the tools presented on Just Accessible, to help organizations improve the accessibility of their websites.

Accessibility Checker is an innovative solution that enables content editors to inspect accessibility level of content created before it is published and immediately solve any issues that are found. It also enables them to eliminate common problems fully automatically using the Quick Fix feature and set up custom rules for quality content creation.

Accessibility Checker uses Quail, an accessibility tester that examines the WCAG 2.0 on the page. This was an additional factor in favor of the CKSource solution, since Just Accessible was already utilizing this JavaScript engine to run accessibility tests on more than 8 million webpages.

The Results

Government of the Netherlands is committed to providing online information that is user friendly, accessible, well designed and findable. Initial tests done with Accessibility Checker for CKEditor allowed for detection of accessibility issues and improvement of the accessibility of websites in a fast and reliable way.

As a part of Just Accessible at least 30 software developers that support over 50% of the decentralized government websites (app. 250 websites) have signed an agreement to implement the Accessibility Checker. Also a large number of suppliers for central government websites have signed in and the Accessibility Checker will also be implemented in central government platforms, which host over 500 websites.

Technical recap

  • Product: CKEditor, Accessibility Checker
  • Environment: Content Management Systems used implemented the Government of the Netherlands websites
  • Environment languages: JavaScript
  • Development time: 2-3 weeks

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