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CKSource Expanding Office and Team

CKSource has reached yet another milestone! With the successful release of CKEditor 4, the editor reaching 9 million downloads, celebrating its 10 year Anniversary, and its inclusion in Drupal 8 core, it is time to move our headquarters to a new location!

Thanks to our continued growth we are expanding to a bigger and cooler office in downtown Warsaw! The increase in size isn’t purely esthetic; we’re planning on filling the extra space with a larger team. 

In addition to our new CEO, we would like to welcome Ewelina Buczynska (HR Specialist), Wiola Osik (Administration Assistant), Maciej Guzek (JavaScript Developer), Piotr Jasiun (JavaScript Developer) and Maciej Golaszewski (PHP Developer), with more to come! We're still looking for developers so head on over to our Join Us page if you think have have what it takes.

You can check our updated team page here.

To celebrate, we organized a closed party in the new office, followed by a night out in Warsaw that started with go-karting at Blue City and culminated with drinks and dancing at Dekada club.

Here are a few snapshots of the fun!

New CKSource office 1 New CKSource office 2 New CKSource office 3 New CKSource office 4 New CKSource office 5 New CKSource office 6

You can see more pictures on our Facebook

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