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CKEditor Joins Drupal

Drupal logoGreat news for CKEditor and its community: Drupal, one of the most used CMS platforms in the world, decided that CKEditor will be the editor included inside Drupal 8, which should be hitting the market by the end of 2013.

Drupal's decision to take CKEditor was a lengthy process that generated several different discussions and comparisons. CKEditor has been chosen because of its powerful set of features, advanced accessibility support and its incomparable maturity and stability. The introduction of the CKEditor's Inline Editing feature has been essential as well. Drupal wanted to have a guaranteed solution for years to come.

Historically together

CKEditor has always been a Drupal friend. For years we've been working to bring the best editor option for its community, being also the maintainer of the official CKEditor Drupal module. In fact, CKEditor is well known for being the most used editor in Drupal websites.

Drupal still doesn’t have an editor in it by default. It instead has a flexible system where users can choose the editor to be used among a dozen of confusing options. Since CKEditor 3, back to 2009, we've been proposing CKEditor to be the editor inside Drupal by default. We understood that a default solution was necessary to maximize the users' editing experience. Drupal now reached that same conclusion and we're happy to see that CKEditor made it.

What it means for Drupal

CKSource, the head of the CKEditor core team, is working in straight contact with the Drupal community, the Acquia Spark team and with Acquia to meet Drupal's deadlines for Drupal 8. We've been working hard at it during the last few months and CKSource is strongly committed to make this a successful partnership. In fact, CKSource is making a good part of its team available to this project, creating a dedicated group that will work with Drupal in 2013. This involves development, testing and project management.

Several Drupal developers are also joining this effort, making the integration as powerful as possible and bringing feedback to the CKEditor team. We're talking about two high-level development teams working together on the same goal in a fast interaction model. There is no way for this to fail. It's a win-win situation.

What it means for CKEditor

The CKEditor community could not be happier. Drupal will bring a huge number of users for CKEditor, which will be actively providing feedback to us. At the same time, Drupal has one of the most advanced, mature and active developer communities in the world when it comes to software development. This mass of brilliant minds will enjoy using the brand new CKEditor Add-ons Repository to bring new amazing features to CKEditor, as well as participating in its testing, bug fixing and stabilization.

At the same time, Drupal wants to be sure that the CKEditor team will give all the necessary support needed to bring it the best possible editing solution. CKSource, the head of the CKEditor core team, is committed to that for the long run. All this together will result on a rock solid solution, made available for the entire CKEditor community.

This partnership is already bringing results. Based on Drupal's requests, we enhanced the accessibility support for inline editing with CKEditor 4.0.1, and we're working on the widgets feature, advanced data control and many other exciting new features for CKEditor 4.1.


There is still a long road until CKEditor in Drupal becomes a reality. We'll have a full year of hard work, concentrated especially on the next few months. Come and join us for the benefit of not only Drupal, but for the entire CKEditor community. Feedback, testing, coding are all welcome. The following are some contribution points in both Drupal's and CKEditor's side:

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