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The CKEditor Add-Ons Forum

With the intent of providing a central place where the creative members of our community can exchange plugins and skins for CKEditor, we are opening a new forum named “CKEditor 3 Add-Ons”.

We strongly invite you to participate, publish your work, and give feedback regarding the work published by others.


CKEditor plugins bring new powerful features to CKEditor. They make it possible for the developers to customize their editing experience without bloating the editor with unneeded features.

Right now we already have an interesting set of plugins available, including a couple of Google Maps options, Image Paste for Firefox, QR Codes, HTML5 Video, and many others.


One of the outstanding features of CKEditor is the ability to change its look and feel. This can be done quite easily through skins that are used to customize the editor interface, including its color and toolbar icons.

Our new skins repository already contains a couple of fine options. Be sure to try them out and enjoy.

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