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CKEditor 3.5.4 Released!

Welcome to the past! 👻
Unfortunately, CKEditor 3 is no longer with us. RIP ❤️

Instead, you can check our new and powerful rich text editor framework, CKEditor 5. It has a modular architecture, integrations with popular JavaScript frameworks and features like real-time collaborative editing.

Or, you can discover CKEditor 4, which is an enterprise-grade WYSIWYG editor with countless features and wide browser compatibility including the legacy ones.

Take me to the future ✨

We would like to announce the release of CKEditor 3.5.4. This is a maintenance release that follows the latest major version of our flagship product, CKEditor 3.5. It includes several fixes and minor enhancements to the editor. Please note that due to a security issue (XSS, Severity rating: Less Critical) that was discover recently it is recommended to upgrade your CKEditor installation to either version 3.5.4 or 3.6.


Check out the What's New? page for the full list of changes.


Download CKEditor now!


CKEditor is available under Open Source and Commercial licenses. Full details can be found on our license page.

Reporting Issues

Please use the CKEditor Development website to report issues and suggestions through tickets.


Community support is available through our forums. Visit the support page for additional options.

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