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2010 — What a Year!

Year 2010 is just about to end so it is a perfect opportunity for a brief digest of what is already behind us. It was a very important year for us for a number of reasons, including the successful introduction of CKEditor 3, the launch of CKEditor for SharePoint — our first commercial integration, the increase of company size, and a strong business development, with revenue growth of 110%.

CKEditor 3 and CKFinder 2

CKEditor 3 reached the market in August 2009, following the success of FCKeditor 2. 2010 has been a year that established our product as the market leader and the most frequently used online WYSIWYG editor in the world.

Thousands of companies, including IBM and Oracle, introduced CKEditor into several of their products because of its overall quality, flexibility, stability, performance, and unique accessibility approach. CKEditor 3 has already reached 1 million downloads, which confirms it is the most popular, first-choice online editor in the market.

Year 2010 also saw the important release of CKFinder 2 — a product that proved to be the best file manager for CKEditor and a significant part of our business success in 2010.

CKEditor for SharePoint

In 2010 we launched the innovative CKEditor for SharePoint solution, our first commercial integration of CKEditor and CKFinder targeted for the SharePoint environment. We have strong expectations about this product due to the unique benefits it offers to SharePoint users and administrators alike.

Strong Growth Part 1: Size

2010 has also been a noticeable year due to the organic growth of CKSource. Fred now wears the CEO hat full time and Wiktor became our CTO. Other than that, many brilliant minds joined the team and we hope to see the tangible results of the team enlargement very soon. If 2007 represented the transformation of CKSource from a one-man-band to a boys band, now we are finally starting to resemble an orchestra.

Strong Growth Part 2: Business

One of our most remarkable achievements in 2010 is the outstanding business development. We have reached the incredible 110% revenue growth mark, at the same time maintaining the same good profit margin.

We were strongly criticized in 2009 for being overly “optimistic” about our future plans but even back then, we were sure of the quality of our offer. The successful approach that we have followed from the onset has always been to develop wonderful products. Others prefer the “develop wonderful sales team, period” approach, but we believe that the quality will defend itself and the market is proving we are right.

Since the very beginning, back in 2003, we have been producing Open Source Software. Competitors just try to imitate our solutions, but there are few real OSS companies achieving our level of success. This is something we are very proud of.

Why is our business success so important to us? Because this is the only way to guarantee the quality of products that can fully satisfy you. That is our final objective and we are working towards it every day.

Welcome 2011!

The most important aspect of those amazing changes that 2010 has brought us is that these were all just the first steps of our steep rise. The new year is coming and it already looks very promising. Many exciting opportunities have opened and we have strong plans for our future progress. I am sure you will admit that when I will be writing the next digest a year from now!

Our team wishes all of you a magnificent 2011. Happy New Year!

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