CKEditor 4 Beta Released

We are happy to announce the release of the much-awaited CKEditor 4 Beta. The team has been hard at work developing CKEditor 4 and now you are welcome to try it out before the official release!

CKEditor 4 represents one of the biggest advancements for us in terms of WYSIWYG functionality. It brings many new improvements to an already large variety of HTML editing tools designed to help you and your users easily create content-rich websites.

Inline Editing

The biggest enhancement in CKEditor 4 Beta comes in the form of Inline Editing, an HTML5 feature that removes the static limitations of most online HTML editors, making the toolbar a dynamic and discreet part of your editing page. You can now create content directly on the published page, giving you a perfect idea of the final work without using any impractical “preview” functions. CKEditor 4 truly gives you a WYSIWYG experience!

CKEditor has always been known for its customizability so we are proud to reveal that CKEditor is the only WYSIWYG editor offering a flexible hybrid solution, including both inline and normal text editing interfaces in a single package.

Find out how inline editing can help improve your website experience!

See inline editing in action

CKEditor Joins GitHub

For those of you who never heard of it, GitHub is a popular service designed to simplify software development projects through git and improve community involvement. This is an exciting and important move for us as it will make it easier to track the various teams and contributors working on different parts of CKEditor. GitHub will also help fork CKEditor into different directions - something we always encourage. The final outcome will give the community an Open Source application easier to contribute to.

And Much More!

Enhanced DOM and CSS performance:  CKEditor 4 has been reviewed and optimized to enhance its overall functionality.

Reformatted source code: We reorganized the source code to encourage community contributions, adopting a coding formatting strategy that matches the most important JavaScript applications out there.

Backwards compatibility:  The CKEditor 4 JavaScript API has been kept compatible with CKEditor 3. We focused on making the upgrade experience as seamless as possible. Report issues regarding backwards compatibility.

Improved Copy/Pasting: We have rewritten the clipboard handling feature set, one of the most important functions of any HTML text editor. You should see increased quality in all browsers.

CKEditor 4 Skin Contest

Design the new default CKEditor 4 skin and win $1,000!

With so many improvements it’s only logical that we would also change the editor’s look. And we will, with your help!

Click here for more details

A Real Man’s Move: Dropped IE6 Support

It was a tough decision, but we are finally dropping support for IE6. CKEditor 4 will represent this historical milestone.

Additionally, while we still support quirks mode on IE for normal editing, we’re not supporting it for inline editing. Considering that inline editing represents the future, it is senseless to support quirks mode on ancient technologies (just have <!DOCTYPE> on your pages!).

Feedback and What’s Next

CKEditor 4 Beta is a work in progress and not the final version. CKEditor 4 is still in development so we need the community’s help to iron out the quirks. Your input is very important to us. We will continue working on final enhancements and overall stability tweaks while listening to your feedback. If you find bugs or issues in the Beta, please report them at the following link:

Our bug report page

Download CKEditor 4 Beta

So what are you waiting for? WYSYWIG text editing has taken giant leap forward so don’t be left behind. Download CKEditor 4 Beta now and experience the best online text editor like never before!

Download zip

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