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CKFinder 2.3 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of CKFinder 2.3. In this version we added a number of bug fixes and new features, most notably the ability to select multiple files on your server, which comes in handy with the drag & drop functionality, and a zip plugin that lets you create, download and extract zip archives.

CKFinder 2.3 also includes a few server-side changes and additional API configuration options to further customize the application to your liking.

Multiple files selection

It is now possible to select multiple files on your server using different methods:

  • Ctrl+A: select all files
  • Ctrl + mouse click: select file one by one
  • Shift + mouse click: select a group of files
  • Shift + arrow keys: consecutively select files

The ability to select multiple files using the mouse drag function will be introduced in the next release.

Drag & Drop multiple files

You can now instantly drag and drop selected files into different resource types and folders within your server. Organizing your files is easier than ever.

Maximize plugin

Need more space to see the files? Press the Maximize button to enlarge the CKFinder window. Press Minimize again to go back to the initial size.

Zip plugin

We are very excited to present you the new zip plugin that allows you to perform various archiving option within your server:

  • Create a zip package from selected files
  • Download a zipped folder
  • Download a group of selected files in a zip package
  • Unzip uploaded zip file on the server

This feature is only available in the PHP version at this moment. ASP.NET and Java plugins will come in future releases.

Other new features

Additional changes include:

config.sidebarWidth: configures the initial width of the folders pane

config.startupPath: can be used also to select an image on startup:

Files:/path/to/file.txt: selects file.txt in the subfolder “path/to” of “Files” resource type
Images:/cars/: opens the “cars” subfolder in the “Images” resource type on startup

The “View” command is now executed on double click if no config.selectActionFunction is defined and CKFinder is not running inside CKEditor.

Bug fixes

  • Now supports IE10
  • Custom thumbnail sizes are now respected properly when rendering files in the files pane
  • Plus many other fixes

Server-side changes

Anyone using custom server-side connector should upgrade their connector to support the new DeleteFiles command that supports deleting an array of files. The DeletFile command is deprecated.


See the whatsnew page for a list of changes.


Download CKFinder now!


Community support is available through our forums. Visit the support page for additional options.

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