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Read-only Mode

Read-only mode can be enabled in CKFinder with the readOnly configuration option. The user will be able to browse the files but will not be able to introduce any changes. Thanks to this setting you will be able to use CKFinder as an online gallery.

Note: This will only disable certain UI elements. In order to successfully block file uploads and modifications, or to set read-only permissions for particular folders, you will need to adjust ACL settings accordingly in the server-side configuration file.

CKFinder.widget( 'ckfinder-widget', {
	readOnly: true,
	width: '100%',
	height: 500
} );

Simple Gallery

With a little bit of imagination it is possible to turn CKFinder into a very simple gallery. Here CKFinder is configured to open a file on double click, run without a toolbar and without the folders panel.

The code behind this setup is quite simple:

CKFinder.widget( 'ckfinder-widget2', {
	displayFoldersPanel: false,
	height: 500,
	id: 'gallery',
	readOnly: true,
	readOnlyExclude: 'Toolbars',
	thumbnailDefaultSize: 143,
	width: '100%'
} );