CKFinder 3 – PHP Connector Documentation
CKFinder 3 PHP Connector

Welcome to the CKFinder 3 – PHP Connector Documentation.

This website contains documentation about the PHP connector for CKFinder 3 and includes information about:

  • Enabling the PHP connector.
  • Configuring the PHP connector.
  • Creating PHP plugins.

Use the navigation menu on the left side to browse the documentation.


Use the CKFinder Issue Tracker to:

  • Report issues.
  • Submit feature requests.
  • Suggest improvements in the documentation.

If you are unsure what information to provide when reporting a bug, check Reporting Issues.


In order to submit translations for CKFinder please use the ckfinder-translations repository.

Additional Documentation

CKFinder consists of two parts: the client side and the server-side connector(s).

The client-side part is common across all distributions (PHP and ASP.NET), while the server-side parts are different for each language. As a result, there are multiple documentation websites available.

If you are looking for information about the JavaScript part of CKFinder and things like:

  • integrating CKFinder with your website or with CKEditor,
  • client-side configuration options,
  • API documentation,
  • tutorials about creating JavaScript plugins,
  • tutorials about creating skins,

see the CKFinder 3 Documentation.

If you want to learn more about the ASP.NET server-side connector, refer to the CKFinder 3 – ASP.NET Connector Documentation, for the Java server-side connector, refer to the CKFinder 3 – Java Connector Documentation.


CKFinder is distributed under the CKFinder License Agreement. You can purchase a license here together with your CKEditor license.