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CKFinder 2.2.2 Released!

We are happy to announce the latest release of CKFinder 2.2.2. This is a micro-release that updates all the server side versions of CKFinder with a patch for popup issues that appeared in the latest version of Google Chrome 20.

We would like to thank everybody for the immediate feedback!

At the same time we would like to inform that the new version of CKEditor (3.6.4) with a similar fix should be available soon. The patched version of CKEditor with a fix for Chrome 20 is currently available as a nightly build. If you are using CKEditor connected with CKFinder, and CKFinder does not show up properly after clicking the "Browse Server" button, then CKEditor needs to be updated.

Update: CKEditor 3.6.4 is now officially available!


Download CKFinder now!


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