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CKFinder 2.1.1 Released!

We are happy to announce the latest release of our file manager, CKFinder 2.1.1. This is a maintenance release that will be particularly exciting to our global audience due to several serious enhancements in Right-To-Left languages support as well as numerous new localizations and updates in existing ones. A few useful API changes and new features were introduced, too.

Improved Right-To-Left Support

Native support for Right-To-Left languages in CKFinder.

Native support for Right-To-Left languages (like Hebrew or Arabic) has always been one of the priorities in our applications. Starting from version 2.1.1 the CKFinder interface is now properly adjusted to an RTL environment in all modern browsers, including reversing the location of the panels and correctly aligning RTL text and interface elements.

Even More Localizations

We are even more excited to be able to bring CKFinder to 400 million new users, native speakers of Bulgarian, Croatian, Gujarati, Hindi, Romanian, Vietnamese, and Welsh whose languages are now supported in CKFinder along with 30 other languages, giving the total of 37 localizations (most of which were also updated for this release). This would never be possible without a network of dedicated volunteers whom we are most grateful for their support and help!

If CKFinder has not been translated into your native language yet (or you found some errors in the existing localization), do not hesitate to contact us! A small reward is waiting for all those who help us translate CKFinder into even more foreign languages.

New Features and API Changes

To make it easier to manage and find files in CKFinder, we have introduced a new option to sort files by their extensions. Apart from that, a few API changes are now also available:

  • A new api.destroy() method was added to make it possible to destroy a CKFinder instance.
  • A new config.connectorInfo configuration option was added to make it possible to specify additional parameters for server requests.
  • A callback function can now also be defined in the configuration (config.callback).
  • Custom paths can now also be defined for skin configuration (

See the What's New? page for the full list of changes.


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