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CKFinder 3.5 released - Java coming soon!

CKFinder fixes for ASP.NET and PHP users

We would like to announce that CKFinder 3.5 for PHP and ASP.NET has just been released. This is a maintenance release that fixes a few important issues — an update is especially recommended for ASP.NET users. We also have a major announcement for Java fans, so read on!

# Improvements in processing large files

CKFinder 3 for ASP.NET received a few fixes that improve the experience when working with large files. In some IIS configurations the whole file was buffered in the server memory before it was sent to the client side. This happened because of incorrect stream flushing in some places. The issue is now resolved, so the file contents are properly streamed to the client without abusing the server’s memory pool. If your CKFinder 3 installation works with large files, we definitely recommend to install this update.

Another bug fix that landed in CKFinder 3.5 is related to the Proxy command. If the useProxyCommand option is enabled for the backend, all the files are served through the connector using the Proxy command. This is useful if you want to have full control over file downloads (for example to track the number of file downloads or traffic). However, due to a race condition the Proxy command has not always worked correctly for the S3 backend. This issue is fixed now, too.

# Further improvements for CORS

Starting from version 3.4.5 CKFinder is able to work in a CORS-enabled environment (where, for example, the CKFinder UI and the server-side connector are hosted on separate domains). Version 3.5 introduces further improvements for this scenario.

# CKFinder 3 for Java

We are happy to announce that a while ago we started working on a new addition to the CKFinder line: CKFinder 3 for Java. It is almost ready now, although the exact release date is not known yet, as we always aim for the quality and release the product when we are fully satisfied with it. Nevertheless, CKFinder 3 for Java should be publicly available soon.

We always value customer feedback and would be thankful for it, so if you are interested in early beta testing, please contact us.

# Changelog

See the release notes for a full list of changes.

# Download

Download CKFinder now! Also available as a CKFinder Symfony 3 bundle and CKFinder Laravel package.

# Reporting issues and feature requests

If you miss anything in CKFinder, have ideas on how the best file uploader for CKEditor could be improved, or found a bug, please do not hesitate to report an issue in the CKFinder issue tracker. The tracker is public, so not only can you submit your ideas, but you can also browse existing issues and add your comments there.

# Support

All CKFinder licenses come with a year of dedicated support straight from core CKFinder developers. You can also refer to StackOverflow for community support.

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