CKEditor is distributed under three copyleft Open Source license options: GPL, LGPL and MPL.

For those who want more flexibility and legal peace of mind, CKSource offers CKEditor Premium, which is a commercial distribution of CKEditor. It includes special license terms and dedicated support.

You can get the uncompressed Open Source version from this direct link. You can also see other versions on our GitHub page.

Generally speaking, you must keep the copyright notices in each file intact and not delete the file located in the CKEditor installation folder.

For more information on Open Source licenses go to

Yes, but any kind of modification or enhancement you bring to the editor code must be released under the same Open Source license terms.

For more information regarding modifications go to

Yes, anybody can modify the CKEditor documentation. It's Open Source too! You can modify the documentation on our GitHub page.

Yes. You may use the editor in commercial products and websites as long as you abide by the CKEditor Open Source License Terms.

Yes, the About button can be removed from the toolbar. It cannot, in any way, be replaced with a custom About button, nor the contents of the About dialog be modified.

If you include CKEditor inside an application with its own copyright, the terms must clearly identify which parts of the code are not bound by your copyright. Otherwise, nothing needs to be mentioned.

In any case, it is forbidden to alter or remove any of the original copyright notices and file.

Every file includes a copyright notice. There is also a file located in the CKEditor installation folder. Please leave them untouched

Yes, CKSource offers a dedicated commercial distribution called CKEditor Premium.

CKEditor Premium offers flexible license terms that remove the most critical Open Source license restrictions. It gives you the legal peace of mind of correctly abiding by Open Source rules and ensures the integrity of your products.

It additionally includes technical support directly from the core developers of CKEditor.

For more information on CKEditor Premium visit the CKSource website.

Yes, but let us know how you intend to use our trademarks by contacting us.


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