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  • Table Tools

    This plugin adds a more advanced context menu for table items and the Cell Properties dialog window with support for features such

  • Clipboard

    This plugin handles cut/copy/paste inside of the editor, processed the clipboard content on pasting, makes it better fit in the editor context

  • Elements Path

    This plugin displays a list of HTML element names in the current cursor position. By default the list appears

  • Image

    This plugin adds the following image-related features to the editor:

  • Paste As Plain Text

    With this plugin it is possible to have the clipboard data to be always pasted as plain text, with two options:

  • Styles Combo

    This plugin provides the Styles drop-down list added to the editor toolbar.

  • Source Dialog

    The Source Dialog plugin provides an easy way to edit raw HTML source of the editor content, similarly to what is possible with th

  • Basic Styles

    This plugin adds the following basic formatting commands to the editor:

  • Form Elements

    This plugin provides the following suite of form elements to add in the content

  • New Page

    This plugin adds toolbar button which clears the editing area and creates a new page.

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