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User's addons

  • Form Elements

    This plugin provides the following suite of form elements to add in the content

  • New Page

    This plugin adds toolbar button which clears the editing area and creates a new page.

  • Show Blocks

    This plugin adds the command to visualize all block-level elements by surrounding them with an outline and displaying their element name

  • IFrame Editing Area

    This plugin represents an editing area that stores the editor content inside of an embedded iframe, so

  • Advanced Tab for Dialogs

    This plugin provides the Advanced dialog window tab to extend some editor dialog windows. Thanks to this other plugins d

  • Flash Dialog

    This plugin comes with a dialog to manage flash embed in the document, set standard and advanced properties (like scale, quality, alignme

  • List Style

    This plugin adds numbered list and ordered list properties dialogs (available in context menu).

    They allow setting:

  • Editor Resize

    This plugin allows you to resize the classic editor instance by dragging the resize handle (◢) located in the bottom right (or bottom lef

  • Content Templates

    This plugin provides a dialog to offer predefined content templates - with page layout, text formatting and styles.

  • Color Button

    This plugin adds the Text Color and Background Color feature to the editor.

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