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User's addons

  • Widget

    This plugin introduces the Widget API.

  • Language

    This plugin implements the Language toolbar button to support the 

  • File Browser

    This plugin serves to integrate the editor with an external fil

  • List

    With this plugin it is possible to insert and remove numbered and bulleted lists in the editor.

  • Print

    This plugin activates the printing function.

  • Table Resize

    This plugin adds support for table column resizing with your mouse. Hover your mouse over the column border to see the cursor

  • UI Button

    This plugin provides an UI button component that&nb

  • Document Properties

    This plugin can be used in full page mode to manipulate the me

  • IFrame Dialog Field

    This plugin provides the iframe dialog field that embeds another HTML page in the dialog for interaction. 

  • Paste from Word

    This plugin allows you to paste content from Microsoft Word and maintain original content formatting.

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