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User's addons

  • Mentions

    This plugin allows you to type a pre-configured marker character, such as "@" or "#", and get suggested values for the text mat

  • Cloud Services

    The plugin allows to integrate CKEditor 4 instances with CKEditor

  • Image Base

    The plugin adds a basic template for image widgets with the following features:

  • Balloon Toolbar

    This plugin provides an API to create floating toolbars pointing at a given element.

  • Easy Image

    The plugin lets you insert images which are automatically rescaled, optimized, responsive and delivered through a blazing-fast CDN.

  • Table Selection

    This plugin introduces a unique custom selection system for tables to, for example:

  • Widget Selection

    This plugin improves selection handling for Widget elements.

  • Moono-Lisa

    A modern, flat, monochromatic skin. The default skin of CKEditor 4 since version 4.6.

  • Copy Formatting

    Allows for quick and easy copying of text formatting between the parts of your document.

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