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CKEditor v41.4.0: Accessibility and UX improvements + bug fixes

The latest CKEditor 5 v41.4.0 and consecutive releases bring a series of enhancements, bug fixes, and new features aimed at improving the overall user experience, accessibility and editor performance.

In this post, we highlight the key changes and updates introduced in versions:

  • v41.4.0 released 15 May 2024

  • v41.4.1 released 16 May 2024

  • v41.4.2 released 17 May 2024

What is the latest version of CKEditor?

The latest version of CKEditor 5 is v41.4.2. This and preceding v41.4.x releases include Menu Bar support for Multi-root editor, screen reader accessibility improvements and enhancements to user experience.

Introduced in v41.3.0, Menu Bar brought more intuitive navigation and access to a wide range of functionalities. Now with v41.4.0, Menu Bar support has also been added to the Multi-Root Editor.

UPDATE Accessibility improvements 

The editor now adheres to accessibility standards better by respecting user preferences for reduced motion, and by improving handling of color settings in high contrast modes.

Additionally, screen reader announcements have been expanded to include various actions and events around the following features:

  • Code blocks

  • Images

  • Lists

  • Case Change

  • AI Assistant

  • Template list filtering

  • Export to PDF and Word

Last but not least, keyboard shortcuts for Format Painter feature have been introduced and now it is possible to copy and paste formatting (Ctrl+Alt+C) and (Ctrl+Alt+V).

Minor breaking changes

CKEditor 5 v41.4.1 includes two minor breaking changes, for details please see the changelog.

Bug fixes and other improvements

For a full list of bug fixes and other improvements, please see the changelog.

Learn more about previous CKEditor 5 versions

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