2009: The birth of CKSource

It's a pleasure to finally present to the public the results of the intensive work we've been doing during almost two years. CKSource is here, together with its new family of products, CKEditor and CKFinder.

CKSource is also a brand new thing. We have consolidated our company under this new name, followed by a new business and development strategy. This is not a recent thing though. The CKSource name has been launched on January this year, through and e-mail I've sent to our team. Here we have the original text, in its almost entirety:

The year 2008 was quite good to us. Our company became stronger and our projects have now a wonderful and stable perception in the market. FCKeditor is definitely the leading WYSIWYG editor out there, and the expectations for CKEditor are amazing. CKFinder has also made its first steps, demonstrating that it has a promising future. So, we can just expect it to become better.

(... some internal details)

The current global economic crisis is also touching us. Just to give you a perception of it, our sells decreased by 40% on November and December. This is a huge impact for us, but fortunately it's far from putting us on a crisis. We have some reserves to give us all the necessary assurances.

And what's the best way to face a crisis? Investing! And this is what we'll be doing now. I'll be dedicating as much resources as possible to make things happen, and I'm sure it will give us amazing results. This will be my focus on 2009.

You have already followed some of the changes, or at least the bootstrap for changes. Our products are being redesigned, our communication is being created from scratch, and even our company is changing. Today, I'm pleased to welcome you guys to CKSource, our next big step.

So, what's going to change now?

We'll continue to be a group of guys who love to code and enjoy our Open Source projects. We must be focused on, and proud of, bringing professionalism to the OSS, which is a rare thing. We can make the difference in the wild, and the world is definitely watching us. So well, not much is to be changed internally, but externally we'll be much more interesting... and cool.

We'll also enlarge our team. (... some details about our developers ...). We don't have to be big to do big
things, but well... being a bit bigger is still necessary.

Let's not forget that we have built this group to also have fun. We love what we do, and we must be proud of the results of it. I have strong expectations for this new year, and I hope we're all sharing this same feeling.

CKSource is not mine, it's ours. I wish you guys a wonderful 2009.

It's nice to see that all our plans have been achieved so far, even more than we expected. No crisis have been faced, no troubles in the road. Now that we're finally releasing our new ideas, we'll definitely be able to continue this amazing growth, giving us the necessary resources to make our products every day better.

We leave here a big thanks to you, our customers and community, for the continuous trust on us. We guarantee that things will go better and better, so you can just expect amazing things here.

Enjoy it!

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