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CKFinder 2.0.2 Released!

We are happy to announce the latest release of CKFinder, an advanced Ajax file browser solution from CKSource. CKFinder 2.0.2 is a maintenance release for the CKFinder 2.x line that fixes a number of issues with popup windows as well as introduces Internet Explorer 9 RC compatibility. This version of CKFinder introduces some new features, too.

Internet Explorer 9 RC Compatibility

Since Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate was published on February 10, 2011, we have decided to add support for this browser in the latest CKFinder release. Up til now, due to the bug in the implementation of the JavaScript do... while statement on Microsoft side, CKFinder was blocked from displaying in this browser. Please note that as any other Beta or Release Candidate product, IE9 RC is not a stable release and in general, should be used with care, for evaluation purposes only. Other bugs may still occur and be fixed by Microsoft before the final release of the product.

New Features

Although this is maintenance release, some new features were also introduced:

  • A new closePopup() function can now be used to programmatically close the CKFinder popup window.
  • Finnish translation was added.
  • The syntax highlighting component used in the fileeditor plugin was updated.

Minor Fixes

The latest CKFinder release contains a number of fixes for different issues that might have occurred when CKFinder was used in a popup window as well as a few other improvements. The full list list of changes is available on the CKFinder web site.


Download CKFinder now!

Reporting Issues and Community Support

Community support is available through our forums. Please use the forum to report issues and suggestions.

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