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Who is this for?

Are you running an Open Source project that is incompatible with GPL2+?
Are you looking for a modern, feature-rich, world-class WYSIWYG editor?

Why we support Open Source

CKEditor is a highly successful Open Source project, created 20+ years ago. Our community has helped us in many ways and we ❤️ to give back.

We believe in Open Source and would like your project to thrive just like ours does.

How we support Open Source

We grant a free CKEditor 5 license to Open Source projects released under a license incompatible with GPL2+.

  • Terms & Conditions:
  • Your project needs to be released under an OSI-approved license.
  • Your source code needs to be publicly available.
  • Your software must not enter into direct competition with our products.
  • You must contact us to obtain a license.

Enterprise Offer

Looking for an enterprise-grade rich text editor that can boost productivity?
We offer rock-solid software with premium technical support and custom development services.

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