Check our Quick Start Guide for a full walkthrough on how to download, install, and add CKEditor to your page, all in two minutes!

Due to the popularity of CKEditor, dedicated support channels with the CKEditor core team are available for CKEditor Premium licensed users only.

Other sources of help are available. Visit the Support section to see your options.

You may post bugs and feature request on the development page. Just remember to be concise and follow the posting protocols.

CKEditor doesn’t natively include a file manager. For that, CKSource offers CKFinder, a powerful Ajax application that integrates seamlessly with CKEditor.

CKEditor is a standards-compliant (W3C) HTML editor so it corrects code if it doesn’t follow current web standards. Most browsers also have their own interpretation of HTML.

CKEditor 4.1 introduced a feature called Advanced Content Filter (ACF), which matches input data to the editor configuration and toolbar. For instance, if your toolbar doesn’t include the Bold button, CKEditor will strip bold tags from the source code.

To learn how to configure or disable ACFclick here. See also a live demonstration of how ACF works in the CKEditor SDK.

The core team is currently working on a video plugin. In the meantime use one of the many community plugins from our Add-ons repository, or simply use the iFrame button to embed video links.

Please verify that your issue hasn’t already been added to the development site. The core development team defines the list of priorities so it is not possible to determine when a specific bug will be fixed. It is recommended that you keep a close eye on tickets that interest you.


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